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Fitting a Mk2 Astra Digital Dash into a Mk1

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PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 10:50 am    Post subject: Fitting a Mk2 Astra Digital Dash into a Mk1 Reply with quote

Fitting a Mk2 Astra Digital Dash into a Mk1

When you remove the Digital Dash from the Mk2 ,make sure you get both pugs from the back with plenty of wire,the Tranducer and the plug with plenty of cable(this is located where the Mk1 speedo cable goes) and the plastic surround because the Digi dash slopes the opposite way to the Mk1 analogue clocks and without this,you can see behind.
Remove your clocks and speedo cable then cut your loom and wire in the digi dash as follows:-

Mk1 Loom --------------------------------------------- Digital Dash Plugs

(fuel gauge)
(hazard light flasher)
(temperature gauge)
(oil light)
(handbrake warning lamp)
(rev counter)
(Main beam warning lamp)
(battery voltage reader)
Brown--------------------------------------------------Join all Brown wires to the single one on the Mk1 loom
Black---------------------------------------------------Join all Black wires to the single one on the Mk1 loom
Black/White/Green-----------------------------------Not used as this is the feed for the single tell tale indicator light

Indicator Left and Right Tickers
Digi loom
Black/White------------------------------------This gets joined to the top wire on your indicator stalk
(indicator left ticker)
Black/Green------------------------------------This gets joined to the bottom wire on your indicator stalk
(indicator right ticker)

To wire these in,remove your indicator stalk and cut the wire then join the one from the digi loom into it(i.e. on a block connector,there will be two wires in one end and one wire in the other)the wire from the digi dash will need to be extended to reach your indicator stalk.
The wires Black/White and Black/Green are the same on your Mk1 indicator stalk.
These must work as not having these flashing IS an MOT failure!

There are 3 wires on the transducer wire these as follows:-

Red/Blue----------------goes to Red/Blue wire on the digi dash loom
Black--------------------goes to the positive terminal on your battery
Brown-------------------goes to the negative terminal on your battery

The black platic part of the tranducer screws into the Mk1 speedo spindle and to my knowledge,fit on all Vauxhall gearboxs whether 1.2 or F20!

Rev Counter
If you are fitting the Digital Dash to a Mk1 that does not have a Rev counter on the original clock,run a wire to a spare terminal on your coil then add this to the green wire on the digital plug.

Fitting in
The two locating lugs on the bottom of the digital dash need trimming down to fit into the mk1 holes,You will also need to cut a section from the Mk2 surround,cut this as close as possible to the fold in the plastic to ensure this fits snugly,then bond that part to your Mk1 surround.This is needed because without it you would see behind the dash….and that’s not good!

Choke Light
As the Mk2 16v had an auto choke,you will need to trim down your existing light holder and fit this into the second slot from the right in the dash so when you pull on your choke,it illuminates on the dash.

When all fitted back together,admire!

Kindly provided by Alan (aka Raz!)
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